Setting Up a Fish Tank

Below is a simple guide on how to set up a freshwater fish tank

Before you begin

1. The first step to setting up any fish tank is, figuring out how much room you have and where you can put the tank. Keep in mind that even a 10 gallon tank can weigh 100 lbs with water, gravel, and equipment. (Water weighs a little more than 8 lbs per gallon)

2. Next, figure out if there are certain fish you definitely want to have in your tank to make sure you get the right equipment.

3. Now that you are ready to get the equipment, here are the basics that most tanks will need:
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a) Aquarium
b) Water
c) Aquarium Filter
d) Submersible Aquarium Heater
e) Thermometer
f) Gravel
g) Glass Canopy & LED Light
h) Decorations
i) Fish Food
j) Water Conditioner

With all your equipment and your location picked out you're ready to set up the fish tank.

1. Rinse the gravel with water to get rid of any debris. (Do not use soap)
2. With the aquarium in its permanent location, pour the gravel into the tank.
3. Add any decorations you plan on including. It's easier to add them before you add the water. (These should be rinsed as well, without soap
4. Place your heater in your fish tank, but do not plug it in yet.
5. Fill the tank up with clean water, make sure it's free of any harmful chemicals. You can treat it with a water conditioner if you aren't sure of the quality of the water.
6. Connect the filter to the tank and plug it in. You may need to add water to it to prime it.
7. After 10 minutes you can plug the heater in as well. It should be set between 76 and 80 degrees.
8. At this point your tank is set up, and almost ready for fish. Bacteria needs to build up to create a healthy environment for your fish. You should wait until the tank has completely cycled to ensure it is ready for fish. This can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks. To start the process you can add some fish food to the aquarium.

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