Ultimate Beginners Guide

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This eBook will be available in 2017. It will be packed with the best information you can find on exactly what you need to know when starting a freshwater aquarium. It will be an interactive guide complete with helpful videos you can reference when words just aren't enough. Pre-Order your copy before it's available and get it for the discounted price of $15 instead of the regular $25. Enter your information below and we will send you an email when the eBook is available.

Here is some of the great information you'll find inside the Ultimate Beginners Guide To Freshwater Aquariums:

1. Setting up your aquarium, from choosing the right tank and equipment to where to put the aquarium.
2. Getting your fish tank ready for fish
3. Stocking a fish tank, from choosing your fish, to properly acclimating them to your aquarium.
4. Other living things to put in your tank besides fish
6. Maintaining Your Fish Tank and which tasks to do when
7. Problems you could encounter and how to fix them
8. Fish Tank Myths

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